White lightning chicken chili recipe before Halloween party

It has been a busy and rewarding week here on my little patch of heaven.

We ventured along fence rows to pluck the last autumn olive berries and spice bush berries.

The autumn olive berries will be cooked and dehydrated for fruit leather and the spice bush berries dried and ground for seasoning.

The week ended with our long-time friend Ray Davis, an Owensville, Ohio resident, bringing us a huge load of horse manure for our gardens. This “black gold” will continue to age happily through winter ready to be spread on vegetable and herb gardens in spring.

I’m making a pot of chicken chili for Ray as a way of saying thanks. Using a deli-roasted chicken gives me a head start.

What I like about chili is it’s subjective a basic recipe can be augmented to the cook’s taste.

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