How to Complete the Supercentenarian Challenge

Another one of BitLife‘s seemingly easy challenges released during the Challenge Vault update is the Supercentenarian Challenge. This challenge is only among more than 100 released with BitLife‘s Challenge Vault update. The update brought back loads of previous weekly challenges that many people couldn’t complete on time. This challenge, in particular, is a pretty difficult one, even though there are only 2 tasks you need to complete. Luckily for you, I can show you the ropes! Keep reading to learn how to complete the Supercentenarian Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife Supercentenarian Challenge Tasks

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  • Start a First Generation Life
  • Live to the Age of 120

There are only 2 tasks for the Supercentenarian Challenge, but that doesn’t make it an easy challenge by any means. The first challenge is simple. All you need to do is create a character. The hard part of the challenge is trying to keep that character healthy enough to live to the ripe old age of 120 years!


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How to Complete the BitLife Supercentenarian Challenge

  1. First, you have to create a character.
    1. Using a pre-existing character won’t work for this if it’s not a first-generation character. This just means that your character can’t be a child or grandchild of another character. This has to be a fresh character that you created.
  2. Now, you must keep your character alive for 120 game years. This is the challenging part of the BitLife Supercentenarian Challenge.
    1. The first step is ensuring that your character eats a healthy diet. One that I suggest is the Mediterranean Diet. This diet will increase your character’s overall health and happiness.
    2. Next, you should definitely be a frequent flyer of the Mind and Body tab in-game. Make sure you visit the gym all the time and the doctor to make sure nothing could pop up and put you into an early grave!
    3. Another significant aspect of living a long life to complete the BitLife Supercentenarian Challenge is making sure that you keep your happiness up. This will be right around half of the challenge you will face when trying to keep your character alive for at least 120 years.
    4. To stay happy, do things that would typically make you happy in real life as well. Take vacations, read a book, and spend time with your family. However, you should probably avoid any ideas that involve your character potentially being put in a dangerous situation!

Now that you know how, complete the BitLife Supercentenarian Challenge and move on to the next! Don’t forget to check out our other BitLife guides for more info on how to complete challenges.

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