BRAZIL – imports of olive oil and olive-pomace oil

Although Brazilian olive oil and olive-pomace oil 60 139.9 t, they have not reached the average volumes of the last four crop years. As regards the imports, 84% of the total comes from European countries: 6% and Greece with 1%; the remaining 16% comes from Argentina (9%), Chile (6%) and other countries (1%). Table 1 shows import trends over the last five crop years. It shows how Portugal, which is the first exporter to Brazil, maintains its leading position in this market imports decrease by 14 734 t (-24%).

This decline is attributed to the economic crisis and the devaluation of the Brazilian currency; following the increase in the last crop year, presents the development of Brazilian imports over more than 20 crop years, reached its maximum point in the 2012/13 crop year. The monthly movements of this market are shown in Section I.1.

Over the last ten crop years (Graph II) the trend in imports per product category has altered considerably. In the 2006/07 crop year, imports of virgin olive oil and olive oil were practically level (48% and 47%, respectively), while imports of olive pomace oil stood at 5%. Currently, 87% of imported oil is of the virgin or extra virgin olive oil category, 12% is olive oil and only 1% is olive pomace oil.

International Olive Council MARKET NEWSLETTER No 120 – October 2017

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