Boudin-Stuffed Turkey Breast With Lemon-Garlic Butter

You’ve brined turkey and fried it; you’ve made the classic roast and even tried barbecuing it. Now you’re bored with this bird, but Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.

Chef Kevin Belton, New Orleans chef, TV host, and cookbook author has a flavor-packed solution with his boudin-stuffed turkey breast. Even if you’re an avowed dark meat person, this juicy and tender turkey breast might have you switching teams.

Kevin’s Boudin (pronounced BOO-DAN) is what truly makes this roulade special. For the unfamiliar, boudin is a cooked sausage made from pork, rice, various vegetables, and typically Creole seasonings. It’s what helps keep a lean cut like turkey breast moist and also adds deep savory notes to an otherwise fairly plain protein.

A generous basting of lemon-garlic butter, followed by lots of his custom spice blend, makes for a shatteringly crispy skin with tons of flavor. It isn’t a whole bird, but for a smaller family gathering, this rolled turkey breast is just as stunning once sliced and its beautiful spirals are revealed.

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