30 Best Gift Baskets For Foodies And Food-Lovers Alike

Not all gift boxes are full of sweet treats and chocolate confections. Meat lovers will enjoy the Royale 10 sampler pack from Olympia Provisions, which comes with 10 of the most popular cured salamis. Salamis made in the French style include the saucisson sec (made with garlic and black pepper), the saucisson d’Arles (just plain pork), the saucisson d’Alsace (with cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg), and the saucisson d’Noisette, which is made with heritage pork, salt, and hazelnuts. The Italian salamis in the box include Finocchiona, a fennel and garlic blend, the Nola (made with allspice and chili flake), classic sopressata (with garlic, chili flake, and clove), and the cacciatore, made with a blend of caraway and coriander.

More exotic salamis come in the box as well, like the Greek Loukanika, a tasty blend with cumin and bits of orange zest. Finally, a few Spanish-style salamis come in the box as well, including a chorizo Andalucia (made with paprika and clove), chorizo Rioja (paprika and oregano), chorizo Navarre (paprika and cayenne), and the Spanish Salchichon, with a blend of paprika and sweet baking spices.

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